Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Wecome to the Catholic Beat!

Those of you who know me are already aware that I consider writing to be a vocation. As a Catholic reporter, I have a mission to make Catholics and non-Catholics aware that the Church is alive and well, and active in the world. My goal in publishing this blog will be to supplement what I am paid to do at the Catholic Times -- to take covering the Church to a new level.

I plan to post links to articles others have written, and to post some of my own along with commentary and research that never makes it to print. Expect this blogs coverage to range from the local Church I love here in Wisconsin, all the way to the pope in Rome -- they're connected, after all!

Please feel free to bookmark my blog and come back to visit often. I plan to post almost on a daily basis, so pray for perseverence on my part! And please feel free to participate by means of the comments.

God Bless you...

Franz Klein

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Anonymous said...


I applaud you for this site and know that you will have a profound effect on those that get to know you; whether in person or from your blog.

God's blessings on your ministry.