Monday, July 23, 2007

Highlighting Cristianità

A program I enjoy watching on a weekly basis is Rai TV-produced Cristianità, an Italian language program that airs during the pope's weekly Angelus message. Suor Myriam Castelli interviews a few guests, then breaks for the pope's message, and then asks them what they think about what the pope said. Of course, it's in Italian -- but the pope says a little bit in English during his address, so you would hear something of your own language. In any case, it's a fun way to watch the pope's Angelus on a weekly basis, even if you don't understand everything that's being said.

Here's Rai TV's description of the show:
Cristianità è un programma di cultura religiosa che propone e commenta il messaggio che il Papa pronuncia all’Angelus ai fedeli radunati in piazza San Pietro. Autore e conduttore del programma è suor Myriam Castelli che, insieme a vari ospiti in studio, scelti tra alti prelati, professionisti e artisti commenta, in diretta dagli studi Rai di Saxa Rubra, le parole del Pontefice.

And a link directly to the pope's impassioned plea yesterday for peace from his vacation spot:

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