Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Visa problems chase priest away

I was surprised to read in the bulletin of St. John the Baptist Parish, Marshfield, that their associate pastor and good friend of mine (we studied together in Rome), Father D. Joseph Redfern, a native of Australia ordained for the La Crosse diocese last June, is in Canada evading immigration authorities!

In the words of pastor Father Stoetzl:

Fahter Redfern was made aware last fall that he might have a problem with his visa this June. He had been working with the immigration office, and had been led to believe all is fine as long as he didn't travel outside the United States. On Friday June 22, he was informed that there was a problem. He had to leave the United States and go to the nearest foreign country (Canada) before his visa expired. He will be working there and hopes to return as soon as possible. The process can take from a matter of several days to weeks or more. We hope he returns as soon as possible.

Goodness! You would think that the immigration authorities would have enough problems on their hands without picking on priests!

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