Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Bussing for Catholic students in Madison

The Diocese of Madison put together one of the most concerted public policy campaigns I've seen in a long time this past year. At issue? Bussing for Catholic students in an area of the diocese was to be eliminated, in spite of specific state law mandating it. Despite all the outcry in the Catholic and secular press, and the riled Catholic parents attending board meetings, the public school board voted to eliminate funding all the same. But here's a new twist:

As the Capital Times reported today, the board missed its cutoff in reporting this to Catholic parents -- which means they have to provide bussing this next year anyway.

The Times quotes Board President Arlene Silveira as saying this was "unfortunate." I agree, although for different reasons. I really wanted this one to be argued out in the courts. It's another example of anti-parochial school mentality, the same thing that cropped up when the independent schools athletic league dissolved and the private schools tried to join the WIAA. Don't forget that Catholic school parents pay taxes too! Just wait until vouchers make it past Milwaukee to the rest of the state -- then public school officials will really have to cut the fat from their budgets!

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