Monday, August 27, 2007


My fiancee and I are back from Stevens Point, where two of my little sisters received first communion at Mass this Sunday, and my newest little brother, Tobias, was baptized afterwards. St. Peter's pastor, Father Kevin Louis did a wonderful job with the little children, especially at the baptism, where he had my little siblings come up around the font and explained everything as it happened.

This morning I came across an interesting alternative to the wildly poplular YouTube site, where you can share videos. Called GodTube, the site seems to offer everything YouTube does without the inappropriate elements. And though the statement of faith is Protestant, it doesn't seem to contain anything anti-Catholic.

At present, I'm watching a video of Habemus Papam -- where Cardinal Ratzinger comes to the window as Pope Benedict XVI. That's Catholic enough for me! Check it out.

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