Thursday, September 13, 2007

Bishop Listecki in the hospital

It has just come to my attention that Bishop Jerome E. Listecki, our bishop here in La Crosse, has admitted himself to Franciscan-Skemp Hospital as what was described as a "precautionary measure."

This is quite literally all that I know. He could simply have been feeling under the weather. Even if that's all that's wrong, please keep our bishop in your prayers. Let's pray for his health and recovery from whatever ails him.

I promise to post more tomorrow if the information is forthcoming.


Coroebus said...

OK, Ace, where's our update? Don't make me read about this in the Tribune.

Franz Klein said...

My apologies, but the Curia provided no update as of 4:30 p.m. today. I'm in the dark as everybody else.

Coroebus said...

Well, don't wait around for the news to be delivered to you, Ace. Go visit the poor guy at the hospital. Isn't that a corporal act of mercy? For goodness sakes, he signs your checks! (by proxy).