Monday, September 24, 2007

Where's Waldo, err... Franz???

Nearly two weeks ago, I posted photos from the SPASH CC Meet. My sister Gabby just came across a picture of me taking photos. Usually a photographer is supposed to be invisible, but here's a fun look at a photo of a photographer and his photo :-)

And the finished product:


Coroebus said...

How come you're in their running path? Don't they have enough to worry about without having to worry about running over the photographer? I'd be ticked.

Franz Klein said...

Hopefully there's more distance between me and the runners than seems to be the case at first glance -- depth perception in photos can be skewed. From personal experience, I would simply run over a photographer silly enough to still be there when I run by. :-)

Coroebus said...

And well a runner should, though I can't imagine it does much for the rhythm.

Looking closer at the pictures, I do not think they were taken at the same time nor possibly at the very same place. While the fence shadow is remarkable, the crowds don't match up, nor do the fence structures on the other side.

I don't think the background trees do either. One looks like firs, the other more deciduous.

The lead girls look pretty much the same, but then, again, the leaders could lead the whole race.

Franz Klein said...

You know, King Coroebus, you might be right about the picture location. This is a little puzzling for me, too. Basically, when my sister sent me the photo, I looked through mine for whatever photo I was taking at that time. I looked at the positioning of the runners and the large fence in the background. Now I don't know what to think. I grew up three blocks from where the photo was taken, so I know there aren't two fences like that. Neither did they pass that location twice during the race. I think the same deciduous trees are behind the fence in my picture, taken at a different angle. What I can't explain is the crowd, since there should be more people in their photo, not mine, since they took their photo from farther away.

Perhaps the time sequence is different. I may have taken my photo a number of seconds later than theirs, when they were well past the guy on the left who is pointing. Given the time delay and the fact that their angle is far sharper than mine, the crowd would appear in mine but not theirs.

Well, I really have to get to work now!