Sunday, October 21, 2007

Some backbone in the Twin Cities

Catholic Father and Lesbian Daughter Banned from Speaking at St Francis Cabrini Parish by Archdiocese!

The Archdiocese of St. Paul/Minneapolis has banned an 82-year-old “cradle Catholic” and his daughter from speaking at a Catholic parish.Robert and Carol Curoe, co-authors of the recently released book Are There Closets in Heaven? A Catholic Father and Lesbian Daughter Share Their Story, were to speak Monday at St. Frances Cabrini Church in an event organized by the Catholic Pastoral Committee on Sexual Minorities (CPCSM) and Catholic Rainbow Parents.Yet according to Michael Bayly, executive coordinator of CPCSM, the church was informed that due to “the number and intensity” of calls and e-mails received by the Archdiocese opposing the event, it could not be held on church property.“The Archdiocese’s decision to ban the Curoes is very sad and misguided.” Bayly said.The Curoes have been engaged in a book speaking tour of the Midwest for the last month, speaking at a range of venues and receiving overwhelmingly positive responses to their story.Their book has been described as “a testimony to the power that faith and love can play in bringing families together.”Retired Catholic bishop Thomas J. Gumbleton of Detroit has endorsed the book, noting that father and daughter’s “willingness to share their journey will help break down many barriers of prejudice and discrimination facing the homosexual community.”Carol states: “Obviously, we’re disappointed, and we are still trying to understand it. Our book, Are There Closets in Heaven? talks about an 82 year-old, life-long Catholic father trying to understand and practice his faith within his Church while also loving his daughter as he does her siblings. Neither our journey, nor writing the book, was an easy task.”Despite the banning of the Curoes’ speaking engagement at St. Frances Cabrini, Monday’s event will still take place.“This whole incident has reaffirmed our commitment to help build spaces of safety and respect within the Church for gay people,” says Bayly.One of these spaces is a recently established center called The House of the Beloved Disciple, located at 2930 13th Ave. S., Minneapolis, in the building that is also home of Spirit of the Lakes United Church of Christ. The Curoes will speak at The House of the Beloved Disciple on Monday, October 22, at 8:00 p.m.“I hope this unfortunate event does not mean that CPCSM’s days of being welcomed to host educational and story sharing events in Catholic parishes are over,” said Bayly. “Though disappointing, the banning of the Curoes is not altogether surprising – especially given the climate of fear and intimidation that has steadily increased throughout the Church over the past few years.”“CPCSM has been around for 27 years, and has always been a grassroots and independent organization within the local Catholic community. It's clear that our sharing of Jesus’ message of compassion and justice is now needed more than ever within the Church,” Bayly said. The Wild Reed

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Cassandra said...

Backbone?! Has it been so long since you've seen any that this passes for it?

that due to “the number and intensity” of calls and e-mails received by the Archdiocese opposing the event

That's not backbone. That's just caving to intense pressure. It just happens to be pressure you agree with here.

It doesn't preclude backbone, however. We don't see the Archdiocesan memo. Real backbone might have followed up with demanding that the "Catholic Pastoral Committee on Sexual Minorities" and "Cathoic Rainbow Parents" not call themselves "Catholic"--a perogative of the bishop. Real backbone might have suspended the pastor of St. Frances Cabrini for lack of proper pastoral judgment. If these speakers are advancing teachings in opposition to the Church, real backbone might have included a warning to the Faithful and an interdict on attending the event. Real backbone might have involved banning CPCSM's work with local Catholic high schools (note further down the website).
In fact, real backbone might include publicly condemnig Bishop Gumbleton and telling him to stay the hell of out the Archdiocese.

Your expectations of backbone are rather pathetic.